What Is It and How Did I Get It?

When my family doctor told me I probably had a problem and it had to do with my kidneys, maybe chronic kidney disease, my first reaction was to demand in no uncertain terms, “What is it and how did I get it?”  Hence, the title of this blog.

There are many, many of us out there.  By us, I mean those who have chronic kidney disease. Friends, lovers, family of CKD patients can gain some insight into the daily travails of living with the disease via this blog, too. I am no expert, but I have read just about every book concerning this problem that I could find.  Of course, most medical texts are not included because I couldn’t understand them. Most of the kidney disease cookbooks aren’t included because I can understand a a heavy duty medical text better than I can a cookbook.  I even read memoirs and biographies to glean what information I could.

Surprisingly, very few of these books dealt with the early stages of the disease.  These are the stages when we, as sufferers, are most shocked, confused, depressed and at sea.  I didn’t want to read about transplants or kidney failure.  They scared me and I just wasn’t ready to learn about them.  I’m still not.

But I did want to know what was happening to me on a daily basis, what these tests where that were ordered for me, what their results meant and how I could use diet and exercise to help slow down this deterioration of my kidneys.  That’s what this blog is about.

I’ve researched enough material for a book in the two and a half years since I was diagnosed.  The date of my diagnose is easy to remember because it was just prior to my flying to the other side of the country for my younger daughter’s wedding showers.

I’ll tell you how I counted food units at her wedding and got a refrigerator in my hotel room to keep the foods I could eat.  I’ll tell you about manically walking all over Niagara Falls early enough in the day so I could get in the required exercise before it was time to shower and dress to give my daughter away at her wedding.

The more you know about chronic kidney disease and the more anecdotes you read about one person’s relationship with it, the more comfortable you’ll feel in the early stages of having the disease yourself.  I sure wish someone had blogged about it when it was new to me.

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