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Finally! The publisher tells me the book this blog is based upon is going to be out by late March.  It’s later than I’d wanted, but I’ll wait to make sure it’s done right.  Just had to share that with you.  I’m really excited, so I think I wanted you to be, too.  Good news before the holidays can be a real stress releaser to my way of thinking – even if it’s someone else’s good news.

Here’s the notebook entry again so you don’t have to flip back to Friday’s blog while I explain it. I hate to admit it, but I have to: while I lined up the columns perfectly last week, I just can’t seem to do it this week. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing because now the entries look a little bit more realistic.

Sample (Unrealistically Neat) Page from An Earlier Notebook Entry

Monday                                              Tuesday

2 coffee      458    1500NA        2 coffee       30

3 fruit           757     3050K          6 starch      383

2 veg.           150        612 P          5 protein   20

5 protein  987      750 PRO       dairy        134

1 starch                                            2 veg.         134

dairy                                               1 fruit           34







The second column is a calorie count.  You can see that on Monday, I was neither rushed nor tired so I could mentally add quite a few of the individual calorie counts of the food I ate and you only see a few numbers with the grand total on the bottom [458, 757, 150 = 987].  Tuesday, a teaching day, was far busier for me so I needed to write down even the three calories of a bite of something or other.  It was easier to write it down as soon as I could and total it later. Naturally, as you can see from the length of the calorie count column, the number next to the food does not necessarily correspond to that food.

I needed to take into account my limitations on protein, potassium, phosphorous, and sodium – three peas with salt.  On Monday, you see 1500NA.  That’s sodium.  My limit for this was 200o mg. per day, so I did all right on Monday.  K is potassium which is limited to 3000 mg. daily for me.  Uh-oh, I didn’t do so well with potassium that day.  P equals phosphorous of which I could have 800 mg. per day, so those 612 mg. were not a problem.  Although protein is one of the food groups, there are also grams of protein in other foods, so you need to keep account of how many mg. you have a day in addition to how many units of the protein food group you eat each day.  Since my limit for protein is five ounces a day which equals 35 grams [one ounce of meat is about seven grams], my 60 gram limit on protein is fairly generous.  By the way, all these different limits are based on your individual weight and nutritional needs.

You can see that I didn’t fill in the elements for Tuesday.  I kept a running list of the foods I ate on the back of my notebook intending to figure out the amounts of each element in those foods when I got home.  That was not a good idea since I forgot to do it.  That was also the last time I tried that, and I do not suggest you try it.

Not only is my sample notebook page unrealistically neat, but it took much more room to type it out neatly than it actually takes when handwritten. That’s why you can fit an entire week’s worth of this sort of accounting on the front and back of one index card of your notebook.

I kept refining the way I kept the notebook and playing around with different options, but this straight forward method was the one that worked the best for me.  Depending upon your mathematical ability, you may just choose to run all the totals in your head. Or, conversely, you may choose not to keep a single tally mentally.  The choice is yours.

If you come up with a different way of keeping your counts, why not share it with us via the blog comments?

Until Friday,

Keep loving your life!

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