Exercise Redux

I had an interesting e-mail conversation with Nadyia Soto, Master Esthetician, of Aphrodite Skin Care, LLC.  When I’d originally gone to their webpage, I noticed there was a warning about the use of their waxing products. I wasn’t certain why people with kidney disease were warned not to use this product, so I e-mailed them.  When I read Nadiya’s response, I asked her for permission to use her message in the blog.  She readily agreed, making certain to tell me “…  it is very important for everyone to know.” I had never thought about the dangers of waxing and suspect most other Chronic Kidney Disease patients haven’t either.  Has anyone out there? According to Nadyia, “Waxing leaves the body vulnerable to infection. In fact, the FDA advises people with weakened immune systems to avoid waxing entirely.”

Back to New York and last week’s blog about exercise:

All I could think of, without my beloved dancing, was walking at a brisk pace.  It worked!  I walked all around the rural area where my daughter and her affianced were living, in the suburbs of New Jersey where her other wedding shower was being held, and in the airports waiting for my planes.  I got my heart rate up and the sweat going (sorry, fellow fliers).

I was hooked and walked like this whenever I couldn’t dance.  I live in Arizona where every swing dance is at least half an hour’s travel each way, with most of them being an hour or more away, but I could walk in nearby malls and big box stores when I needed to walk indoors.  That was pretty often since the summers are brutal in Arizona.

Then I discovered indoor walking tracks at a local community center. It cost me $5.00 each time I used the local indoor track, but I’ve since discovered one community center that charges $5.00/year.  It’s just a matter of using the phone or the internet to locate the less expensive tracks.  Most high schools have tracks that are open to the community free of charge when their track teams or physical education classes are not using them.  I loaded my iPod with murder mysteries and walked for chapters at a time.

My chosen sister decided to exercise with me once a week to support my efforts and introduced me to Leslie Sansone’s walking tapes. I liked them so much that I figured I would do them at home by myself. I found ways to make this more comfortable by buying some inexpensive outdoor playground mats and laying them on the living room floor so my arthritic knees and hips didn’t bother me as much.  I have tile floors, so this softened the impact of each step.

I also started using knee braces that I found for sale in the pharmacy.  They are neither expensive nor do they require a prescription. Exercising was getting easier and easier to do. You’ve probably figured out that my body got used to this, too.  So, I still walk and dance but have added other types of exercise.

As a college instructor, I was entitled to free tuition including physical education classes.  What I did was register for the ones held in the fitness center. There was a trainer on the floor at all times and loads of different machines to work different parts of your body as well as stationary bicycles and treadmills.  It was here that I learned the value of light weights to intensify your exercise routine without causing undue stress. By researching a little bit, I discovered that soup cans and filled water bottles work just fine as weights if you’re not in a position to purchase them.  The college fitness center wouldn’t allow these, but I did use them at home.

Remember, I was already in my sixties when the CKD diagnosis led to me search for different types of exercise that I like.  I knew if I didn’t like it, I was bound to start finding excuses not to do the exercise.  Now I had swing dancing, walking and the fitness center at my disposal, but I wanted more.

Sometimes I couldn’t go to the gym because I wasn’t teaching that term and didn’t want to pay the full amount to join a gym that was over half an hour away and now required a special trip to campus just to use the fitness center.  Sometimes I couldn’t dance because my arthritic hip was causing too much pain.  Sometimes I couldn’t use the walking tapes because the arthritic knee was acting up.

That’s when I was introduced to water walking, something I’d never heard off until I relocated to Arizona and met someone who lived in Sun City.  Retirement communities out here have their own community centers and members can bring guests.  The water walking pool is a gigantic track that is underwater.  Directional arrows are painted on the floor of the pool to let you which direction to walk, so you’re not walking into other people.

Our temperatures can go as high as 115 degrees so there were days when I just couldn’t wait to water walk.  It was cool and refreshing, and you were using the water’s resistance to burn calories.  This year, I got myself water walking gloves which are waterproof gloves with webbing between the fingers.  I hold my arms out under the water to increase the water resistance.  I have seen people at the pool with water weights, but have not tried that myself yet.

We’re not done with exercise yet.  But that’s for Friday’s blog.

Until then,

Keep loving your life.

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