Even More Exercise

There are a few things I’d like to make you aware of before we get back to (oh, no, not again!) exercise.  One is a nutrition  data website my son-in-law, the wondrous and great Aaron, brought to my attention.  It’s:

Just type in the food in the upper right corner where it says “enter food name” and hit enter or press search.

Next, I’ve been reading that shorter is better when it comes to blogs and wondering if this blog should have shorter entries, especially since some of them can be so technical.  Your opinion would be greatly welcomed.

I’ve been writing about exercise since last week and decided to post a diagram of  what the connection between clean blood and your kidneys looks like so you’ll have a visual of what all this exercising is doing for you.  This edifying diagram is courtesy of National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, National Institutes of Health.

Okay, now I’m ready to write about more types of exercise.  I noticed a bowling alley right next to the pool building where we’d gone to water walk in my friend’s senior citizen community center.  Now that’s another way of exercising and having a good time simultaneously.  Unfortunately, both my partner and I had shoulder surgery recently so we had to hold off on the bowling for a while.  So now, I had swing dancing, walking, water walking and bowling in my exercise arsenal.  I was always on the lookout for new forms of exercise that are fun so I’d look forward to them.

Some people enjoy tennis or golf.  Before moving to Arizona, I lived on a small island that had municipal courts and greens.  They weren’t totally free, but so low cost that many people didn’t wait for the weekend but went before or after work.  Some families with children used these kinds of exercise as a family affair, so they could spend time with the children while getting in their exercise.

There’s ice skating, skiing and snow boarding, too.  Being arthritic, these are not sports I can participate in comfortably any more, but you might be able to.  These are also good bonding experiences for families.  I would go with my children and sit in the skate house or lodge, watching them and being there with them whenever they came in to warm up.  I can only imagine how much more fun it would be to actually be outdoors with the kids, getting your exercise, too.

My fiancé bought us an exercise bike as a Christmas present a few years back.  I had no idea what a prize this would be.  I loved movies, any kind, as long as there were no commercial interruptions.  With cable television (a must in my area since we live in a valley surrounded by mountains which made for poor reception), I have Movies on Demand. If I have the money that month, I can just order the movies I want to see on the television.  If not, I can go to a Redbox kiosk and rent a movie for $1.00 a day.   Then there is our own DVD library. There are also free movies that are offered with cable and, of course, DVDs from the library. We just pointed the exercise bike toward the television and now I ride as many miles as I want for as long as I want while I watch a movie I’m interested in.  Most of the time, I’m surprised at how long I’ve been on the bike.

While I’m mentioning cable, my older daughter, the multi-talented Nima,  just reminded me to include the Discovery Channel’s “FitTV,” which she often visits. Nima also explained to her dinosaur of a mother, that you can go to their website to view free workouts videos.  The URL is: http://fittv.discovery.com/.

For those who enjoy team sports, there’s basketball, hockey, soccer or netball.  There are, of course, other teams I haven’t mentioned.  Your local community center, Department of Parks & Recreation’s centers, or house of worship may sponsor these.  If not, you can always use the internet to find teams.  When I first moved and didn’t have the computer up yet, I looked in the phone book for sporting goods stores.  Then I went there and looked at their bulletin boards for announcements of new teams or existing teams looking for new members.  Coffee house bulletin boards are another good place to look.

We’re not done with exercise yet, but you’ll have to enjoy your weekend – hopefully including some exercise – until we are next week.

Until Tuesday,

Keep loving your life.

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