The Last of Exercise (or Reading About It, Anyway)

I’ve been taking the nutritionist’s advice and exercising in spurts.  Just to test her theory, mind you, I threw in a day or two of doing the entire half at one shot.  She is so right!  I may have to actually skip today (Oh no!) because I tested.  I’ll probably get antsy, though, and have to do just a little something in the way of exercising.  It’s become part of me.

If you’re the type that would prefer organized classes, there’s yoga, Pilates, karate, step, dance, Qigong, judo, aikido, Krave Maga or just about any other kind of exercise that interests you. You can look for studios that teach these disciplines, schools or – what I found the least expensive – continuing education at the local college or at nearby public schools.

If you’re not a joiner, you can always rollerblade, ride your bike outdoors, jog or skateboard. Maybe you’d rather surf or swim.  Then again, maybe you’d rather boogie your way through your housework or gardening.  As long as you keep moving and burning those calories, you’re exercising.

By now, I feel antsy if I haven’t gotten my minimum of half an hour of exercise every day, but in the beginning I was very organized.  I had a heart rate monitor [you can order one for about $30] and my iPod.  I would make a check on the calendar after I’d exercised, so I could get a sense of accomplishment from seeing those check marks.  I carried sneakers and socks in the trunk of my car in case it was one of those crazy days when my plans didn’t work so well, I was running out of time in the day and hadn’t gotten any exercise in yet.  That’s when I would stop at a mall and do a couple of brisk turns inside.

I’ve discovered articles that say you need to exercise every day, and those that say you need to take a day or two off each week.  Frankly, I’m at the point where I try for every day but remember the articles that say take a day or two off each week if I don’t get to make the time every day that week.  I don’t know if it’s a function of age or not, but sometimes the day slips away, and I haven’t exercised yet.

For me, planning is important.  For example, I’m going dancing tonight, so I know I don’t have to stop writing to exercise.  Yesterday, I did – so I figured that since I can’t sit still at the computer for more than two hours at a time, I’d use the exercise bike and watch a movie during my second computer break.  The day before, I had appointments left and right without too much time for myself, so I had my coffee in the morning then used a one mile walking tape.  I usually use a three mile tape, but knew time was going to be tight that day and figured one mile was better than no miles.

I’ve learned from my mistakes that when you plan, you need to include a shower in the time you put aside for exercising.  If you’re doing it right, you’re going to sweat.  You might want to exercise first thing some days so you can get the shower out of the way before starting the rest of your day.  Other times, you might want to exercise later on [but not too close to bedtime since it may keep you up], so you can just take your shower before turning in.

When I was going to the fitness center at the college, I would teach, exercise, shower, then either teach another class or go on to my next appointment.  In all honesty, that became too much for me to do since I was wearing teaching clothes, carried a gym bag with all my gym and shower things and my attaché case.  I’m more comfortable exercising at home or as a social occasion.  That way, I have my shower and clothes right there in my home or there’s no need to shower or change because all the people who exercised with me are just as sweaty.

It really doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you exercise.  There are days when an arthritic hip prevents me from doing any full body exercise, as you know.  Sometimes, I make sure no one is watching, then I dance vigorously but only from the waist up.  If it’s summertime here, I can also water walk without too much pain when the arthritis acts up.

The point is that exercise is going to help you impede the progress of your CKD.  Learn to at least tolerate exercise, if you can’t learn to love it.

And taking about love,

keep loving your life!

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