What Else Do People Want to Know?

An interesting experience is upcoming.  Next Friday, I’ll be reviewing Dr. Tracey I. Marks’s Master Your Sleep: Proven Methods Simplified as part of her blog tour.  I’ll have the chance to ask her a few questions to post on that blog.  If you’ve read the book and have questions of your own, please get them to me before then so we can ask Dr. Marks for the answers and I’ll post those, too.

All right, I was telling you what others wanted to know about my Chronic Kidney Disease. My younger daughter, Abby, is also a swing dancer.  She wanted to know just what activities cause fatigue for me and how fast this happens. She lives close by, so we see each other as often as we can.  She wanted to make sure to help me catch the fatigue before it was so far gone that I couldn’t drive home from wherever we were.  When I explained it wasn’t a particular activity and it doesn’t just drop down on me, she asked me what indications there would be that I was becoming fatigued, so she could wind up whatever we were doing before I was a dish rag.  She’s pretty used to my sitting and watching for a while as she dances now, instead of my dancing every dance the way I used to.

An actor friend who likes to cook wanted a copy of the renal diet so she knew what to cook for me when she invited us to dinner.  Then she suggested I tell her how the food should be cooked, so that I can eat it.  She had no trouble changing the menu for me and making sure there was some substitute, permissible food for me if I couldn’t eat part of the meal she cooked. This is a woman who has a husband, grown child and grand-child in her household.  She said it’s just as easy to cook what I can eat, or if someone else at the dinner really wants a certain something I can’t eat, offer a substitute for me as it was to cook any other meal.  I never would have asked.  I’d just assumed it would be too much trouble.

My older daughter, Nima, was interested in how much sleep I needed.  It’s recommended that CKD patients get eight hours a night if possible.  She’s a singer, so we can be out late at karaoke.  Now that she knows, we leave the karaoke site in time for me to get that much sleep.  If I don’t need to get up early the next day, we can stay later (just like the other kids!).  Sometimes, if I do have to get up early, but want to go to karaoke with her anyway, I just excuse myself and take a nap before we go.  Mind you, she’s from out of state so this is while she’s visiting.  She’s not at all insulted, as she probably would have been had she not asked me about my sleep requirements.  I’d never have thought to tell her.

A colleague at the college was surprised to hear me say I was going for a cup of coffee. She felt I should let people know I can have two cups a day because she’d pointedly not been inviting me to the local Paradise Bakery since she knew I couldn’t have pastries, but didn’t know I could have coffee.  I let her know I save one cup for when I finish teaching, so we often have that cup of coffee together now.  I would have deprived myself of the joy of being able to talk shop with another English instructor if she hadn’t overheard me. Now, I tell friends that I “do” coffee, just like anyone else.

Another writer wanted me to sit in Starbuck’s and write with him while we drank cup after cup of coffee one afternoon, a seemingly favorite activity of many writers if I’m to believe what I’m told.  When I explained about the coffee restrictions, he asked if I like to walk.  He was delighted to hear that I needed half an hour’s exercise daily and walking was an activity I liked. He didn’t want to write, he wanted to talk about our books.  You can catch us walking along the Skunk Creek path several times a week.  He said that I should have told him about my need to exercise and we could have started doing this a long, time ago.

I’ll tell you more about this topic next time.  That is, if we don’t have so many questions about Dr. Marks’s book that there’s room for more (hint!)

Until then,

Keep living your life!

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