Why The Blog?

Amazing things have happened since I first began writing this blog so that other people with early stage CKD wouldn’t have to wait until my book was published to get the support and the information I’ve offered here.

After reading the blog, people contacted me with all sort of offers.  One wanted to introduce me to a friend of his who was a traditional publisher. Another gave me all the information he had about self publishing.  A third asked me to lead the educational forum, Kidney Matters, for The Transplant Community Outreach on Facebook.  The Renal Support Network and KidneyTimes.com featured one of my articles on their front pages.

What I understand from all this and the rest of it that I didn’t list is that people in the early stages of CKD need a book and a blog like this just as I did.  I’m not happy I have CKD, but I’m glad I could make the journey even a teensy bit easier for anyone else.  For a private person, I’ve been pretty open about my disease and my life.  It helped me accept my diagnosis, something I’d hadn’t thought about while writing either the book or the blog. My hope is that it helps you accept yours.

I’ve met many other CKD sufferers through the internet and asked if they would share their initial reaction to their diagnosis.  Here are only a few of the many who whole-heartedly agreed when they realized the idea was to give comfort to those who were newly diagnosed.  Sometimes realizing others are in the same position can help you overcome your own despair.

“When I was diagnosed with CKD in 2009, I was surprised because no other doctor had made this diagnosis…. Well, I said, ‘What? Why? How? I don’t understand.’ He didn’t have any answers and I had so many questions for him.”

“At first, it was a death sentence and I was in shock. I read all I could on the internet.  I have friends who are physicians and they said I should be concerned but not frightened….”

“No one can quite tell me where I got mine from also.  Improperly diagnosed with high blood pressure since age 17…. Blood pressure went haywire after a bout of pneumonia at age 34.”

“… to be honest, I didn’t realize I had CKD as it wasn’t explained to me.  I had accidentally taken a sheet that I was supposed to give to the front desk people, but didn’t know and they didn’t ask at the time….”

“After my doctor called me, I couldn’t believe it.  I cried. I was very shocked.  I just found out that I have Stage 3 Kidney Disease.  I am devastated…. To tell the truth, I am very afraid.”

“Those first few weeks were NOT very nice.  I thought I had been handed a death sentence….”

“I was diagnosed in May and it took me a little bit before it hit me.… I had no idea even what it was about so didn’t give it any more thought.…For some reason this year I went home and looked up GFR. When I began to realize the significance of declining kidney function, I went back and asked what I could do to slow or stop the decline.”

It seems a lot of us didn’t know what this was and either remained ignorant long past the time we should have started helping ourselves or were shocked into despair.  You are not alone.  It’s not such a pretty disease, but then again, is any disease?  It’s not fair that you’ve got it, but that’s life.  There’s only one thing left to do, keep living your life and live it well. Anyone want to go swing dancing with me tonight?

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