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When I first started writing this blog, I listed organizations that could be of help to you as a Chronic Kidney Disease patient. I’ve discovered even more sources of information that can be helpful in the months since then and will start listing them fr you.

Please note that inclusion in any of these lists is not an endorsement of the the book, DVD, or discussion forum.  You need to make up your own mind about the validity of both the information and/or the author or moderator.                                                                                   


Due to the scientific nature or exorbitant prices of CKD books, this is a short list. Remember that end stage CKD books about transplants and dialysis will not be on this list either, making it even shorter. Add to that the outdated (I didn’t include anything published before 2000, except novels) CKD books and you have a very, very short list of books.

Coping with Kidney Disease: A 12- Step Treatment Program to Help You Avoid Dialysis. Dr. Mackenzie Walser (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2004) The title is a good description of the book’s contents. The  language is fairly medical. This is only one method of dealing with kidney disease, one treatment plan that is quite different from the one I am familiar with from my own treatment.

 Driving Sideways. Riley, Jess. (Ballantine Books, 2008)  This is a fanciful work of fiction in which the protagonist feels she is channeling the spirit of her kidney donor.

 Kidney at a Glance, The. O’Callaghan, Christopher A., and Barry Brenner.  (Blackwell, Inc. 2000) This is a good primer and introduction to what the kidneys are and why they are so important.

Kidney Failure Explained. Stein, Andy, and Janet Wild (ClassHealth, 2002) This is a clear explanation, but deals with the English system, which I found a bit disappointing since I wanted help available to me here in the United States.

Living Well with Kidney Failure. Auer, Juliet et al. (Class Health, 2004)  This is a collection of patients’ personal accounts of their dealings with their kidney disease.

Mr. Right and My Left Kidney. Saltzman, Joan (Peripety Press, 2006) This memoir tells a love story which includes a character who suffers kidney failure and transplant and discusses these issues as easily as the author discusses finding love later in life.

 100 Questions and Answers about Kidney Disease and Hypertension. Raymond R. Townsend and Dr. Debbie L. Cohen (Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc., 2009) This is exactly what the title indicates and not overly medical in its answers.  It covers just about every question I could think of, plus those I hadn’t thought of.

 Ten Step Diet & Lifestyle Plan for Healthier Kidneys: Avoid Dialysis. Koble, Nina. (Mirasmart Digital Publishing, 2009)  This one is more diet oriented, but also not so medical that laymen [those who are not in the medical profession] could not understand it.


“Chronic Kidney Disease: Are You at Risk?”  (Home Use). Information Television Network. June 23, 2008.

“Living with Chronic Kidney Disease” (Home Use). Information Television Network. July 27, 2006.

“Living with Kidney Disease” (British). Kidney Research UK.   No release date given.

Discussion Forums

You will need to register, but nothing too personal is required.

DaVita Discussion Form – There are different topics each with its own discussion forum.  They deal with all aspects of CKD from the early stages to dialysis.

Facebook Page: Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Discussion Forum!/group.php?gid=47292395689.  This is a good place to find the support you may be looking for.  Members range from early stage to transplants.

Facebook Page: Kidney Cafe –  Kidney Disease Awareness and Discussion Forum  I’ve noticed quite a bit of activity on this discussion forum the entire time I was writing the blog.

Facebook Page: Transplant Community Outreach: Discussion Forum – Kidney Matters This deals with early stage CKD. (I know because I write it.) – is a drop down list  of subjects dealing with CKD on this site.  You just point and click.

MedHelp ––Disorders/Kidney-Problem-Symptoms/show/1361333.  On this forum, you post your question and others will answer it unlike most of the others where there is free give and take.

National Kidney Foundation –  As mentioned, this is an outreach of NKF.

There’s more, but we’ll keep that for Friday.  Until then,

Keep living your life.

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