PERSONAL NEWS & The Last Blog for National Kidney Month

Remember the partner I mentioned who has lost far more weight than I have on the renal diet?  The one who’s been with me since just before I was diagnosed?  Well… this past Sunday we threw a surprise – to our guests – engagement party with an old West theme since we’re both members of the Single Action Shooters’ Society.  In other words, after a bunch of years together, we’re engaged!!!!

Okay, boys and girl, down to work now. There is a group that was mentioned in one of the previous National Kidney Month blogs.  I had quickly checked it out to make certain it was legit before I included it in that blog and then decided to research it more thoroughly.  I liked what I read.

According to its website:

 “The Kidney TRUST aims to benefit the 31 million American adults living with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), as well as the 506,000 Americans with kidney failure that require dialysis or a kidney transplant. The TRUST was formed to increase awareness of kidney disease through public education and testing programs so that progression of CKD to kidney failure can be delayed or prevented.

The Kidney TRUST was founded in 2006 by DaVita Inc., a leading provider of kidney care in the United States. The Kidney TRUST is an independent, nonprofit organization that believes everyone should be empowered to take a proactive role in their health. Toward that end, the TRUST is seeking to reduce the progression of chronic kidney disease (CKD) through free, rapid screening in non-medical settings and to provide financial assistance to people affected by CKD.

The goal of the TRUST’s free rapid-testing program, which was launched in October 2007, is to identify individuals who have signs of kidney impairment. Along with learning their screening results onsite, participants receive materials that offer education about CKD and its prevention and are encouraged to seek medical follow-up as appropriate. The TRUST’s screening program is carried out in non-medical settings such as large employer workplaces and community health fairs.”
I am aware that this is a very short blog.  My NY daughter is visiting.  Today, she received her early birthday present: a trip to the Grand Canyon where she was conceived.  While there she presented me with a gift as  thank you for giving birth to her.  Our emotional day started at 6 a.m. and is just ending now at 11:30. My thinking for today was better one of those short, but important blogs than no blog at all.  Do what you can to educate yourself about CKD for the remainder of National Kidney Month.
Until Friday’s blog,
Keep living your life.
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