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National Kidney Month is over, but as a Chronic Kidney Disease patient, your quest for information about your disease is not.  Sorry, folks, it’s never over.  Here are some websites you might find helpful.  Some of them are also on the blogroll that you see each time you read the blog.


Note: .gov = government site; .org = organization site; .com = for profit site

Administrators in Medicine’s doctor finder.

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Includes insurance choices and clinical trial practice guidelines. [Technical, you may need a medical dictionary.]

Amazon. An online book store for textbooks, biographies, children’s books, medical books, cookbooks, treatment plans, educational books. Look for DVDs, videos, audio recordings, e-books and Kindle products, too.

American Association of Kidney Patients. Renalife, a quarterly kidney magazine, is from this organization.

American Board of Medical Specialties. You can check your doctor’s certification on this


American Botanical Council.

American Kidney Fund.

The American Kidney Fund.

American Medical Association.   http://

American Medical Association. A doctor finder.

American Society of Nephrology.

Barnes and Noble. A brick and mortar bookstore with an online component.

Baxter Healthcare Corporation. Highly informative site.

Body Mass Calculator. On the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services’ website.

Clinical This address is specifically for CKD trials.

DaVita. A private dialysis company which also provides kidney education, forum, recipes, tools, and blogs. A general dictionary.

Discovery Channel. Offers free workout videos. Explains the purpose of drugs you may be using. [You’ll have to wade through commercial advertisements, though.]

Health Central. Short articles on medical topics with links to more comprehensive information.

International Diagnosis Codes, 10th Revision.

Kidney. A traditional Google search, so be prepared to be inundated with hits.

Lab Tests Online. Defines lab tests and their purpose. [You may need a medical

dictionary to understand what you read here.]

Libre Clothing. Clothes designed for the infusion patient.

Medhelp. Varied information about CKD.

Medical Dictionary Online. Not as comprehensive as others.

Medical Education Institute Inc. Classes on a variety of kidney related topics.

Medical Education Institute Inc. Their other kidney disease education site.

Medicare & Medicaid. Dictionary, symptoms, procedures, test, medications.  Medical dictionary.

Medline Plus. Information about herbal medicine. Articles about the kidneys.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online. Includes a medical search option.

The other half of the alphabetical list of helpful websites will be coming your way on Tuesday.  Until then, have a terrific weekend and, as usual,

keep living your life.

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