Shameless Book Promotion

Today’s blog is devoted to me being totally shameless – about promoting my new book, that is: What Is It and How Did I Get It? Early Stage Chronic Kidney Disease.  As you may or may not remember, the blog was started so people who needed this information about early stage Chronic Kidney Disease (just like I did when I was first diagnosed), wouldn’t have to wait for the book’s publication.  That day, release day, has finally arrived.

 Through some glitch, you can’t find the book under a search for the title on Amazon.  However, if you search my name, you’ll find two pages of publications.  Last time I checked, it was on the second page. Or you can use this link:

It’s $12.95 on Amazon.  We need some reviews, too, please.

However, Barnes and Noble decided to price it at $9.25.  That’s less expensive, but I don’t really mind.  I want this information out there.  I’d go here if I were you.  And, of course, we need some reviews here, too.

BARNES & NOBLE: Available formats: Paperback.
This is the text on the back of the book that you can’t see on the seller’s sites:

What Is It and How Did I Get It? Early Stage Chronic Kidney Disease                       Gail Rae


What Is It and How Did I Get It? Early Stage Chronic Kidney Disease explains to the newly diagnosed CKD patient and others the medical terms and information, and the overwhelming task of trying to understand all this at once. It covers the initial suspicion of the disease and the necessary tests to verify that suspicion. The book also tells about doctors’ visits, what to expect, how to deal with them and what to do when you’re missing half the information you’re being given. Renal nutrition, the need for exercise, and what friends and family need to know are also included. In addition, there is an overview of publications available to the CKD patient and lists of available sources of information. Both other patients’ initial reactions to their diagnosis and a glossary are provided. While this is my story, it could be any newly diagnosed Chronic Kidney Disease patient’s.


Gail Rae has been a non-fiction writer for over twenty years. After earning both her B.A. and M.A. from Hunter College of The City University of New York, she began writing how to books, study guides, literary guides, and public and private newspaper articles, as well as occasionally ghosting articles. In November of 2010, Ms. Rae’s essay was featured on the front page of both and Her blog, “What Is It and How Did I Get It?” (based on this book) is carried on both The American Society of Nephrologists’ and The Chronic Kidney Disease Support Forum’s Facebook pages. Gail also is the kidney educator for Facebook’s The Transplant Community Outreach. While Ms. Rae teaches writing and literature on the college level and acts in plays and movies, as well as writing, she strongly feels her best work has been, and always will be, her two grown daughters.

Let’s go out to celebrate!  If you haven’t used up your 16 oz. of coffee yet, meet me at that new coffee shop up on 59th Ave. We could meet at Dairy Queen, but ice cream is off my renal diet.  Oh well, we’ll figure something out.  Until Tuesday,

Keep living your life!

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  1. Hey Gail, I tried to order the book from Amazon just now, but it says it’s out of stock. Any ideas on when they’ll get more?

    • Hi Jenn,

      When you order the book, they’ll have one printed one for you. BUT, take a look at They’re still selling it for over $3.00 less, even though the book was just released. Save yourself some money.

      Thank you for your interest. If you have any ideas about where I should be going to give book talks about this book, let me know. Taking it on the road seems to be the best way to get the information out there.

    • Jenn,

      Both & have the book in stock now. It was just too new before and they hadn’t uploaded the content yet. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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