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I have been explaining – in my book and in my life – that taking active control of your Chronic Kidney Disease is an absolute necessity.  Today, I ran across this press release that re-enforces my thinking.  I’ve already been to the website.  There is so much to explore that I think you should look at it yourself, but remember this IS a press release.

July 21, 2011, 11:27 a.m. EDT

Revolutionary Baseline E-Health Platform for Kidney Disease Launched Today by Shad Ireland Foundation

Innovative Empowerment Tool Tackles Compliance, Potentially Saves Millions to U.S. HealthCare System


Baseline,  www.baselineyourhealth.org , a technology driven e-health platform designed to empower millions suffering from kidney disease, was officially launched today by the Shad Ireland Foundation. The online platform, a proprietary technology funded by a grant from AMGEN Medical Education, offers solution-based tools and health care resources for individuals via the internet and mobile devices. When utilized, the Baseline solution has been shown to improve outcomes and compliance while helping patients create stability and rehabilitation in their lives.

Created in response to the rising number of individuals suffering from kidney disease and its precursors — diabetes, obesity and high blood
pressure — Baseline’s comprehensive solutions educate, engage and  empower the end user to take an active role in their health care. Individuals with Chronic Kidney Disease, (CKD), End Stage Kidney Disease, (ESRD), and kidney transplant recipients can easily monitor their health, tracking key indicators, nutrition and exercise, plus receive life saving information regarding the disease 24 hours a day.

“People lose hope and let go of their life goals when given a kidney disease diagnosis,” said Shad Ireland, Executive Director of the Shad
Ireland Foundation. “We want to show them that a diagnosis is not a death sentence. With Baseline, our goal is to offer inspiration and
tools for healthy living. Using my 29 years of successfully living with this disease and other success stories as examples, we can inspire,
engage, educate and empower people with kidney disease to stabilize their health and achieve their dreams. Baseline has the potential to
help millions of people live a better life. I’m living proof.”

Results Through Improved Outcomes & Compliance

Modeled after Ireland’s positive results in living with CKD, and extensive medical research on compliance, Baseline is the first-ever technology driven solution targeted to the renal community. A potential answer to issues of compliance, outcomes and quality of life, Baseline promotes stability by managing key indicators, including nutrition and exercise. Patients can track lab values, and other indicators working in tandem with their doctors to take an active role in their healthcare by controlling the disease. Baseline is also the first resource designed to address the government-mandated conditions for coverage for patients awaiting kidney transplants, providing critical information and tools to those in need.

While the average American with chronic kidney disease is hospitalized four to six times per year, since taking active control of his healthcare, Ireland, a triathlete best known for successfully completing over 20 Ironman competitions, has only been hospitalized three times in the past nine years. An active athlete, Ireland is currently riding stages of some of the sport of cycling’s toughest competitions as part of his Take on the Tour Project,  www.takeonthetour.com , including the Tour of Colorado and the Tour of Utah, as well as running this year’s New York City Marathon. Ireland is an example of the positive results that are possible from an engaged and educated patient.

“What Shad has shown us with the new Baseline tool is that physical  activity and regular, structured, measured, and quantifiable exercise are really the keys to getting kidney disease under control,” said Dr. Tom Pintar, Board Certified Nephrologist and Medical Advisor to the Baseline program. “In addition, this e-health platform has the potential to improve overall quality and quantity of life, which over time can lower healthcare costs. Considering our current health care crisis, it’s an important issue for our country and around the world today.”

New Technology Creates Easy to Use Compliance Tool

The proprietary Baseline e-health platform, created in cooperation with some of the best and brightest minds in technology, is based on Shad
Ireland’s life experiences. Working with the team, Ireland shared the lessons learned from his 29 years of dialysis to help create a comprehensive tool for other kidney disease patients and those predisposed to developing a kidney diagnosis.

“Shad has drawn from his life experience to create an intelligent application of technology and media that offers life enhancing resources and information to people who need it,” said Rey Ramsey, Chairman for Technet. “Baseline offers the best solution for healthcare outcomes and
compliance. I believe it will make a significant difference and improve the quality of life for patients living with kidney disease.”

The Baseline e-health platform also includes a social component providing patients an opportunity to interact and share information. The   ground-breaking platform is a benchmark case study of how non-profit and for profit companies can combine forces for the common good of the
patient and is a cost-effective tool that uniquely engages the user while also providing resources to empower individuals to take a more active role in their health care.

Here’s the URL for the press release: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/revolutionary-baseline-e-health-platform-for-kidney-disease-launched-today-by-shad-ireland-foundation-2011-07-21?reflink=MW_news_stmp

I find myself becoming very excited about this site since Mr. Ireland’s thinking is so consistent with my own, but urge you to decide for yourself if this is for you.  I’ll let you know what I decide for myself in the next blog.

Until then,

Keep living your life!

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