It’s Been Raining In Arizona

Rain is not that usual out here, although I do my best to entice it by watering my palm trees every Sunday and threatening to wash my little white car with the red side bars any time I see dark, heavy clouds.  Of course that’s not the rain I’m referring to in this blog.  After a long, dormant period, new sites have been raining on my head.  Someone once told me everything happens in cycles, maybe she was right.

Merry Schiff, a new Facebook reader, brought the following site to my attention. (WAIT!  Merry read the book and wrote a review on Amazon.  How about each of you who has read the book do the same?  It will help get the book into the hands of every newly diagnosed CKD patient – the people I wrote it for.) The site is Safe Kidney Care.  Apparently, it eminated from a clinical study.  I know when I tried to submit an e-mail, it asked me for my bracelet ID, then explained that these were given to each participant of the study.  But you don’t need to have been a member of this study in order to view the site.  It contains neat, easily understood explanations of GFR, CKD, the kidneys themselves, what causes kidney disease, and urine protein.  There’s a glossary and a FAQ section.  What I liked best about it is the safety concerns issues: what to tell your doctor, pill and foods to avoid, fluid intake, drugs that are all right with CKD, heart and diabetes info, Medical follow up, x-rays and other radiological tests.  I also noticed a button for “Tests” and another for “Kidney Function (GFR) Calculator.” I tried their GFR calculator and found it accurate as far as I could tell.  Their resource list is almost as comprehensive as the one in my book, with one or two new additions (Got to go look those up.) This information was on the “About” page: The material of this website was developed and assembled by Dr. Jeffrey C. Fink, M.D., M.S., staff nephrologist, Associate Professor, and Director of the Early Renal Insufficiency (ERI) Program, in collaboration with the staff of the ERI Program and Safe Kidney Care Project, at the University of Maryland, School of Medicine. Funding was provided by grant R01 DK084017 from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases of the National Institutes of Health.  The address for the site is:

Then there’s a source I’ve come across several times in the last four years and decided it was time to let you know about it.  Live Now: Rethink Kidney Diseases is from Baxter, another resource I included in my book.  While it is generally aimed at dialysis patients, there’s still some info that will work for those of us in the early stages. The Food and Nutrition section is especially helpful.  The Living, Support, and Inspire sections – while aimed at dialysis patients as mentioned – offers some insights into early stage CKD but you’ll have to spend time gleaning them.  This website is:

The third site that dropped from the sky is that of a telephone application for CKD patients called KidneyDiet. As the name implies, it is simple and to the point.  I downloaded it for $4.99.  It is meant to track the phosphorus, potassium, protein, sodium, carbohydrates, cholesterol, fat, and calories of the food you eat.  You first enter the limits of each your nephrologist has given you.  This only has to be entered once. Then you enter each food you’ve eaten during each meal – item by item – and it compares your totals in each category to your limits.  Portions can be changed which is very helpful, but you cannot add new foods.  If you regularly eat foods that are not on the lists available for this app, I’m not certain this is for you.  I really like that it covers everything we need to watch as CKDers, but I wonder if I want to limit my food intake to what is on these lengthy lists.  Could it  be that I’m one of the few who has found foods on my renal diet that are not the norm?  The address for this site is:

You’ll notice all three of these new sites have been added to the blog roll.  This is not an endorsement of any of them.  I simply want you to be aware of what is available that you might find a good fit for you.

Talking about adding, I tried to add an “Add to the cart” button for the book to the blog, but I didn’t do so well with that.  You can still direct order the book by clicking on the book title on the blog roll.  That will take you to the website for What Is It And How Did I Get It? Early Stage Chronic Kidney Disease  where there IS a functioning “Add to the cart” button.

Ah, lest I neglect to mention (as long as we’re talking about adding), there’s yet another new addition to the family.  Welcome to Temperance, Lara’s newest.  (She’s a “Bones” fan, too)


Until next week,

Keep living your life!


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