Mid Week This And That

This is what I was thinking about while in Chattanooga:

1. Be wary when you order medical alert jewelry bracelets. Without mentioning the specific company in question, I received my bracelet in the mail with a note enclosed stating that I needed to take this bracelet off before showering or going into bodies of water in which it might be submersed.  What?  I have arthritis.  Taking bracelets off and putting them on is akin to torture for me – even with the device that was invented to help in just those circumstances.  Why not mention this BEFORE the item is ordered?  When I emailed them with my complaint, I received no response.  Boy, did I ever feel duped.  You will not find them on the blog roll.

2. On the other hand, the app KidneyDiet responded in a timely fashion when they were emailed.  The complaint was that new foods could not be added.  Otherwise, this is a really good app that adds calories, potassium, phosphorous, protein and sodium.  In other words, perfect except you were limited to the foods on their list.  They are now working  on a way for their users to add new foods.  Thank you, KidneyDiet.

3.  Send me an email at: myckdexperience@gmail.com to order a book at discount.  I have plenty of leftovers from the Chattanooga Renal Symposium just waiting for a new home.  They are new, in excellent condition and discounted at $10/book rather than the usual $12.95.  Email me, pay via PayPal and the book is yours.

This is fun, this midweek update.  It’s like emptying my mind without having to wait for Monday!  I look forward to your orders (oh boy, do I!).

Until Monday,

Keep living your life!